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We talk to so many people who wish their home (or their vacation home) could be working for them.

But how to do it? Have you considered using it as a vacation home?

Vacation rentals maximize your property’s income without forcing you to give up your own time in your home.

Rent Your Own Home

Let’s say every year you spend two weeks at a timeshare in Hawaii. Your home could be a vacation rental while you are gone.

Rent Your Second Home

Do you have a secluded cabin on Puget Sound that you love to get away to—if only you could get there more often? Rent it to vacationers when you can’t get there yourself. Using it as a vacation rental means you can go when you want, but your vacation home will make money for you when you can’t.

For Investors

Perhaps you have an investment property nearby. Instead of renting to tenants, rent it at a higher income to families visiting from out of town, retired couples coming for golf, or a doctor serving a rotation at a local hospital. Fewer nights, more income, and less wear and tear on your home.



What are the other benefits of using your home as a vacation rental?

· Allows for continual maintenance and improvements

· Rent during off season

· Block time out for your personal use of your property

· Not empty when you aren’t there

· No storage costs for furniture

  · House continually checked on

  · Vacation rents and taxes deposited directly into your bank account

  · Professionally cleaned and reviewed after each stay


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