Being the beautiful area that the South Puget Sound is it is no wonder we have so many visitors. With the approximately 10,000 visitors we get each year many of them are looking to stay together and would prefer to stay in a home together rather than spending $200/night for separate hotel rooms.


Why convert your long-term rental to a vacation rental?

· Much greater financial return

· Less wear and tear on your home

· Allows for scheduled maintenance and improvements

· Professional cleaning after each stay

· More control over tenants

· Very few hotels in the Gig Harbor and Tacoma area

· People visit the South Puget Sound year round, not just during the summer

– weddings, couples looking for a quick getaway, family gatherings, retirees, relocation, etc.

    · Gig Harbor and the South Puget Sound has been featured in numerous magazines as one of the best towns in the nation to visit


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