I started Harbor Home Vacation Rentals four years ago when we first started renting our own home. It was the end of my husband’s commercial fishing season and the price of fish was low, creating a need for another source of income to make ends meet. We’ve come a long way from the days of moving into our RV on weekends so that guests could stay in our home. Now with three vacation rentals and a growing management company, I can definitely say it was worth it. And I want to do more.

Spring of 2014 I asked Ryan if he was ready for me to manage other vacation homes, as I had previously turned down management requests, he said, “I’m game for another adventure!”.  Ariel joined Harbor Home Vacation Rentals shortly after we started managing our first client’s home. With her work ethic, ideas and our communicative relationship, we have been able to grow and continue to bloom.

We both have big plans for Harbor Home in this coming year (2015) and want to share our plans and adventures with you. Who knows how much we will be able to blog (sheets need to be washed and leases must be written!) but we will try to write about all the exciting things happening and things we want to share with you all. We look forward to sharing this experience and hope you enjoy following along!