IMG_0606_07_08_09_10Vacation Rental Management: At Harbor Home Vacation Rentals we pride ourselves on innovative, personal management of your property.  Because we started out by renting the home we lived in (and moving into a trailer for a few days while we had guests!) we think turning your long term rental or vacation home into a vacation rental is truly worth it.  We have managed our own long term rentals and have since turned each one into vacation rentals because of the huge financial benefits and control over the home.


What are the other benefits of using your home as a vacation rental?

  • Allows for continual maintenance and improvements

  • Block time out for your personal use of the home

  • No storage unit costs for furniture

  • Vacation rents, and taxes are deposited directly into your bank account

Why Harbor Home Vacation Rentals?

  We have managed our own long term rentals and have since
turned each one into a vacation rental because of the
greater financial benefits that come from short-term rentals
and control over the home.

Our services:

  • We manage all contact with potential guests, property concerns, and more.

  • We professionally clean after each stay (your home is cleaned every few days!) Cleaning includes prepare beds with fresh bed linens, providing fresh towels, watering plants, emptying the garbage, cleaning refrigerator, and ensuring that there was no damage to the home before we return the guest’s security deposit.

  • Creating an information/welcome binder for guests, providing information on local restaurants, attractions, transportation, medical services and grocery stores (tailored to your home and its location).

  • Bringing fresh flowers and a bottle of wine to your home before each stay so your guests will feel at home as soon as they enter your property for their stay.


How much it costs:

Harbor Home Vacation Rentals charges no upfront costs/fee to list your home. To get the listing up we absorb the price of photography. We charge a 30% management fee on the gross rental amount per booking. Invoices are sent at the end of each month to homeowners. There are a variety of free and paid listing options that can be discussed.


If you have questions about our vacation rental management services please do not hesitate to contact us: or call: 253.432.6672