Harbor Home Vacation Rentals is a boutique vacation rental property management team specializing in customization and quality. 

At Harbor Home Vacation Rentals we pride ourselves on innovative, personal management of your property. Because we started out by renting the home we lived in (and moving into a trailer for a few days while we had guests!) we think turning your long term rental or vacation home into a vacation rental is truly worth it. We have managed our own long term rentals and have since turned every one into vacation rentals because of the huge financial benefits and control over the home.


Who we are:

Vacation Rentals are a perfect way to maximize the use of a property that is not always in use. Harbor Home’s commitment is to help our homeowners reach the maximum potential for their vacation rental property. With our local Gig Harbor team, we are dedicated to ensuring quality experiences for our guests. Every detail is personally handled and we care for your home as if it were our own.

Your vacation rental is an investment property and because of this, it should not take your attention away from everyday life. Leave that to us! Harbor Home Rentals works with you and your vacation rental needs to provide customized management suited best for you.

As a vacation property manager we will handle all the contact between guests and answering all of the questions they may have, and then confirm bookings and manage payment requests—all you’ll see is the deposit in your account.


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